Leg Amputation Update

After I have now spoken with a couple of people and my specialist and Doctor today this is what is happening with the amputation of my left leg.

Surgery was scheduled for the 4th of November (just under a month away). This has put my anxiety and panic attacks more frequently as of late. I am scared shitless of having the surgery, having to go through the months and months of rehabilitation as well as ending up in a wheelchair. This is not something I think I can handle. 

Since the infection has been stable at the place it currently is and hasn’t gone up the leg any further for months now with all the regular scans. They don’t think it will go any further up the leg and cause other issues with my body. So I have had to make a very hard decision and this is what I have decided. I know people won’t understand this, but as long as you respect my decision that is all that matters to me.

I have now cancelled the surgery on the 4th of November. I have put the inter surgery on hold as it is just something I can not deal with at the moment. When or if the infection starts spreading again I will then agree to go through it. My surgeon and Doctor both understand how I feel and respect the decision. But have said as I did if it does start spreading again they will then have no option and will have to act quickly. So for now what it means is I just continue with my pain medication and have the regular bone scans with the injected dye to monitor it. 

This was not a decision taken lightly. But people that know me would understand how such a decision for me would be so hard and having this type of surgery would drive me insane and I wouldn’t cope with it. So that is all the news on this for now. If anything changes on this of course you will be updated. 

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