On This Day – 28th May 2022

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s update, detailing events from two years ago. If you missed yesterday’s post, it’s available at my website here.

This morning, my nurse surprised me by announcing that I was scheduled for surgery in 30 minutes. Confused, as I had no prior knowledge of this, I inquired for details. She promised to contact my VST (Vascular Surgical Team) to have someone explain the situation, as it seemed I was unaware.

Shortly after, a VST member came and explained that I was being taken for surgery to remove my left little toe. The news was quite shocking, but having previously lost my right little toe, I was aware that I could still function normally.

Not long after I was taken to surgery. A few hours later I woke up in my hospital room. Bandage wrapped around my left foot. Then the next day the dressing was removed (pictures below). Over the next couple of days had more tests and scans. 

As I hated being stuck on the hospital ward I was constantly going in and out of my room to get a coffee from the hospital cafe and then sit outside. I was able to continue walking aided, with my walking stick.  

This was a very small post, the next should be similar, then the post on 6th June 2022 will be a lot longer and with more images than any other post.


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