Below is a list of videos from YouTube that either I totally love or a video that has some kind of meaning to me.


What an Inspiration – Sign Along With Us

In the current world that we live in things are so hard for so many people. This song and group are such an inspiration and makes you think about everyone’s struggles. (Even though this was done in 2020 during Britians COVID restrictions it is still relevant to this day in 2021). David was so right ...
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Justin Bieber – Hold On

Justin’s latest music video is amazing. The story behind the song is a bit of a tear-jerker. So if you haven’t seen it already you might want to go and get yourself some tissues first. This in my opinion is one of the better songs that he has released and has a lot of meaning ...
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Justin Bieber – Lonely – SNL 2020

Justin Bieber singing one of his latest hit songs called “Lonely” on Saturday Night Live in 2020. This song has a lot of meaning just listening to the words. Sums up my life a lot. But they is slowly changing, but also won’t fully change that is for sure.
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Jay UF – Wanna Let You Know

I am not usually into much rap music, but there is some that have a lot of meaning in the words. Apart from D Minor, this is another one. Rapping about addiction and has so much meaning. Have a listen and drop a comment on your thoughts. 
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