Just a brief update at 4am …

Right now, it is nearly 4am at the start of writing this post. I have been awake since about 1am when my stump woke me up. Not what I was expecting tonight, especially when I was in bed before 11pm, which is not like me on a normal day, apart from when I was in hospital I was usually out before 9pm every night.

I have had a dose of pain medication and right now it is not working. It might just need a little bit more time to kick in, otherwise I will take an extra 1 and hope that helps. I don’t really want to double dose at this stage of the morning.

It has been over a week since I have been in my I forever home. It is better than I expected. Got a few little problems at the moment until we can get my support team in place hopefully next week. Also next week all my requitement should arrive and also a GPS/Wireless medical watch in case I have another fall, which hopefully I won’t. But better to be safe then sorry I suppose and considering I don’t have to pay for any of it, it is all covered under my NDIS so that is one great thing otherwise I would be spending thousands, which I just don’t have anymore – and I wonder who that is thanks too?

I noticed late last night also when I was doing dinner that when the furniture people moved my furniture in, they put a big dent into my fridge door. Something I will be addressing on Monday morning with my support workers whop arranged the furniture move and was here at the time. So, they would have known it happened and just kept it from me, that is what I believe anyway.

My stump is still swollen and can’t fit into my prosthetic, something I just have to keep trying each day until it can fit and then I can start getting up and about. Well, for a bit anyway.

Anyway, that is enough from me for now. And I will post again soon.

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