Easter is Cancelled

Easter 2020 has been cancelled. Everything this year is different because of COVID-19. No one is allowed to go on holidays. People are still not allowed to go out unless it is for essential services (shopping, exercise, etc). If you are caught being out without a valid reason you will get a $1200 fine and if you are caught again you can be charged and face up to 6 months in jail. The Police and State and Federal Governments are really playing hardball right now.

No beach gatherings, no get-togethers with family or friends, unless you live with them. No church services, unless they are streamed online as all churches have been closed. And this is one of the times of the year that is usually busy for the churches. This will be hitting their bottom pocket as they don’t have people attending services.

At least the Premier announced today that she has given permission for the Easter Bunny to still visit peoples homes and leave them a little egg or two. So Easter is 100% cancelled. Just 99%.

Oh well, here is hoping things will return to normal soon and we can get back to some sort of normal life. But no matter what anyone says our lives are going to be totally different even when this pandemic is over. I know I won’t want to get too close to people anymore. Who knows what people are carrying around with them. Also, I will make sure I have hand sanitizer with me at all times as well and will be using it regularly whilst out in public.

Anyway, that is enough from me for now. I have some other posts coming soon that I am still writing and are currently just sitting in a ‘draft’ status until I have finished writing them.

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