Bits and Pieces

I had a video chat with my Mumma over Facebook Messenger tonight. We haven’t done this for a little while now and it was fantastic to see her and catch up again. I wish we could do it every day, but we don’t need to talk all the time. We will run out of things to talk about.

Tomorrow I have an appt. to see Lee at 11am. And regrettably I have to have Peter pick me up as Steve and Aaron are both going to be in Long Jetty at the time. But this is an appt. that I can not miss or re-schedule. Apart from shopping on Friday morning I don’t have anything else on this week.

I have an upcoming Doctors appt. on the 15th at 1.30pm. I need to call the surgery tomorrow to see if I can get a double appt. for that time. I need to get a Health Care Plan put into place. I also need to print off a copy of the Medicare information about them being charged recently for a Health Care Plan that wasn’t even done. I need to ask my Doctor about this. Cause this can only be done once a year. And if they are charged twice for it then I will get a bill for the second one being done and it is not cheap. It could just be a simple mistake.

I need to type out a list of things tonight to give to Lee tomorrow. It will make things a lot easier that way, the same as last time. I might have to do this in the morning when I wake up due to the way I am starting to feel.

I have just had a dose of my anxiety medication and Endone. I am not sure why my anxiety is playing up tonight, I haven’t been out anywhere for it to kick in. But obviously something has made me very anxious for some reason.

I am beginning to feel very tired and starting to dose off a bit at the computer, but I want to finish this first. But as my eyes are also hurting, I need to put my glasses on.

I have so many things I want to start doing over the coming week. But it is going to be so hard. I want to start getting out of the unit for a little bit each day without having to take medication. But it is going to be very difficult. I struggle enough on my medication, let alone trying to do things without it.

Oh damn, I just remembered I also need to arrange a sopping list for Friday (and I need to try to stick to it also. I also need to get a hair cut and have a shave. A shave I can do tomorrow before I see Lee. It will only take a few minutes to do.

Anyway, that is enough for now, my eyes are forcing themselves shut and I am having trouble keeping them open. So, I think I need to go and lay down, for a few hours at least.

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Zac is from the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. Zac runs his own online Web Design & Management business. In his spare time, he likes playing computer games, such as Need for Speed Most Wanted, Flight Simulator X, The Sims 4 and various others. Zac also enjoys spending time walking along the shoreline at the beach. Zac has a lot of health, both physical and mental which he is currently working on after a long history of abuse, hardship and decades being homeless. Zac continues to get by day by day and is moving forward with his life and is no longer letting anyone hold him back.