Urgent Health Update

So this is continuing on from my post titled “Current Toe Situation” that was made on October 30th. When I saw my diabetic specialist yesterday the outcome was not what I had expected.

She wanted to see my toe infection, no problem, I began taking my sock off and notice that several other skinless ulcers had turned up on the top and side of the same foot. Last night when I gave it a clean the amount of puss, blood and fluid that released from one of the wounds were amazing. There was so much.

She wants me to be admitted to the hospital. Which is something I am totally scared about. But at approx. 12.30pm I am being taken to the Emergency Department today to see if I am going to be admitted and if I am hoping they will have a decent plan as to what to do next about this constant ongoing issue. I and Steve are spending some time this morning having lunch and a talk before heading up to the hospital. I will have a bag packed, just in case.

Thankfully, I have the mini laptop that I can take with me so I can still work on somethings whilst I am there. The problem is if I am admitted, which is what is expected, we don’t know for how long or even what they will want to do. That would be up to the Vascular Surgeon Team. There is a lot of options at the moment, going from a PICC line and sent home with antibiotics running through that line and seeing a nurse at home daily, to them keeping me in the hospital on IV drugs and antibiotics to amputation (which they have wanted to do before but I refused). Nothing at this stage can be ruled out until the VST have had a chance to look at the redish purple colour of my foot to the actual wounds themselves.

I will keep you updated as to information when it is available to me. I know I have a lot of support from family and friends from around the world.

Note: At the moment I have taken an LOA from Reach Out Online and I will be temporarily suspending Hydra Web Services for a short period of time until I know exactly what is happening. I will still be doing some basic services within HWS that I can manage from my mini 11″ laptop.

Anyway, that is all. More information to come later this afternoon to early evening.

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