Latest Updates – On Most Things

So here is an update on most things that have been happening in my life lately and why I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to. This could turn into a bit of a lengthy post, so let’s get start shall we?

My Mental Health:
This is a bit of a concern to my Doctor at the moment as she can’t put me on an Anti-Depressant which we both agree I need to be on because of the side effects it will have on my epilepsy and how it is not under control right now. And all the ones she wants to put me on causes fits. And for me that is a dangerous mix with me already starting to have several fits every week again. So we are currently awaiting me to get in to see a Neurologist to have more tests and scans and probably a change of medications as they can’t increase my Epilim from the 3000mg dose a day I am already on as it is already too high.

Today, well yesterday now (Friday) I saw my new counselor for the first time. Her name is Trish. She seems like a nice lady and I was able to openly discuss issues with her in my first session that I have never been able to with anyone else in the past. She wasn’t force-able on several issues that I didn’t feel comfortable in talking about right now, which is good. It appears I might have found someone that I can finally talk to on a regular basis under my Mental Health Care Plan. I see her again in exactly 2 weeks time. Which is good, means it is going to be regular. Which is just what I need. I need someone to listen, someone outside my friends circuit that I can discuss anything with and have an outside view on everything. So here is hoping it continues to work out. But I tell you after the hour this morning and the things we did discuss, it was a hard day afterwards as a result of things it brought up that I haven’t even thought of for a very long time. We are talking decades now. Until today …

Always a major topic when things are being updated with me. So let’s get right into this topic.

For months now I have been getting chest pains on the left side of my chest. But I was never really worried as it would come and then go. And there was no other symptoms at the same time. But it was something that I recently mentioned to my Doctor as it has been going on for so long. She sent me for an ECG on my heart and also for another round of blood tests at the same time. Another shit load of vials of blood went off to the vampires. A few days later the report came back for the ECG and my blood work.

The results in somethings were a concern. So let’s start with the ECG. It turns out that I have a Left Axis Deviation – Left Anterior Fascicular Block on the left side of my heart. What the hell does that mean? Well pretty much from what was explained to me each side of our hearts have 2 tubes running into the heart and one of those tubes on the side of my heart has a blockage so my heart is functioning correctly as a result. So what are they doing about it? On Monday I have to have further tests, which is going to take 3 hours in total, where at first they test my heart under normal relaxed circumstances when I arrive, they then put my heart under stress by running a stress test whilst still monitoring, then they continue to monitor the heart after the stress test as it begins to come back to normal. Apparently, this will tell them how bad the blockage is and whether or not I am going to need heart surgery to have a stint put in or something else done. So after this it will take another couple of days to get the results. So another few days of stressing. So on top of all my health issues already now we have an issue with my damn heart.

Now onto the blood test results. My Vitamin D level has always been low. But never as low as it had just come back. The result came back as a reading of 10. Meaning it is very dangerously low. So an increase of Vitamin D tablets again, but this time instead of taking the 1000UI tablet, I have to take the 7000UI tablets and have another round of blood tests in a months time to see if it is making any difference.

My Iron Studies came back with my Ferritin levels raised. This is because I am a Hemochrome carrier, as this is a family issue as my Mum also has a major issue with her Iron levels, which is I was tested for this as there was a family history of it and I came back as having it also. What the notes under the Iron Studies state and I quote: “High Ferritin indicates an iron overload.” All other levels within my Iron Studies were normal. But the Ferritin is the one they seem to worry about the most as it is.

Also as always my LFT, GGT, ALT and AST results, blood tests relating to my liver have all come back extremely raised. And higher then it has been over the last 6 months. So this is just another thing they will be keeping an eye on at the moment and I may have to have an Ultra Sound on my liver after the next set of tests if the levels haven’t come down.

There are a few other issues with some other blood work but nothing to write about at the moment as they believe this is just because of the raised levels with my liver and Ferritin level.

My Family:
Well I am still talking to my Mum and that is going well. I am very glad that we are talking and having video chats from time to time. But there is a concern. We have now arranged twice to meet, where I would travel up, stay in a Motel and we would go out to dinner or lunch and after 2 or 3 days I would return home. However on both occasions she has pulled out. I don’t know if this is because she doesn’t want to see me face to face anymore or if there is other factors or people involved. But I am at least glad that we are at least talking, that is something at least.

Housing Issues:
Well I am still in the same place that I was put in when I came out of hospital 14 months ago, after spending nearly 3 months in there. We are having a few minor issues with Housing NSW but they are sorting themselves out and we think we have just overcome the final hurdle. Which is them wanting me to have a support network (pretty much a counselor) in place that I am seeing. Not that really it should be any of there business. But hey they is a Government Department and you have to jump through hoops to get what or where you need to be.

So as of now we just continue to wait until they offer me a unit on the Central Coast and honestly, hopefully it will be soon. Even though I am totally grateful to Coast Shelter for the bedsitter I am currently in it isn’t really a place I can call home because it is not permanent. The good thing is I will still have the support of my case workers when I do move into my own unit after all the hoops and hurdles have been overcome.

I can honestly say that now after 14 months, even though I am still struggling in several areas, there is no way I want to return to living on the streets. I also really don’t think my body and health would be able to handle it either. I think if I do end up back on the streets within months I would be dead. To be pretty blank on the situation. Especially with how cold it has become as of late. Well, we are in winter so that is no surprise.

Anyway that is enough from me for now … More updates and news when I have them myself.

Thanks for reading and comment away if you choose too 🙂

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