Toe Amputation Update

On Friday just gone I saw my Vascular Surgical Team at the hospital. This is the team the amputated my little toe from my right foot and had to dig a deep wound down inside due to an infection that was lying dormant inside the wound itself. Within a 2 today period my toe went from being pink and healthy-looking to black and needing emergency surgery that night, if that didn’t occur, I would have lost either my foot or most of my leg if the infection had spread up further.

Right now, it is nearly 1 ½ months since the amputation took place and it is looking so much better than what it was in the beginning. I am not going to post of picture of what the wound looked like the morning after surgery as it is too disturbing to see, but I know some of my friends and family have seen it already. And some have seen the progress the whole journey through this. This journey is still not over, I still have months of recovery ahead of me and will need further amputations in the future, this has been made perfectly clear to me already. For now, all I can do is take one day at a time no matter how much it hurts.

The pain that I am still going through now is still so hard and the lack of sleep and stress is sometimes unbearable, but for the most part, I try to keep a smile on my face and not let on as to how bad things really are. I have a bone scan that needs to be done, but this can’t be done until we come out of our current COVID-19 lockdown that my state area is in.

Below is a picture as to how my wound was on Friday, which is looking so much better than it ever has. But there is still a very long way to go in the healing process. As I have been told even though the healing is going well on the outside the healing process on the inside is a long road and will take many months to occur. This is why I am going to need regular bone scans done again to keep on track of everything.

More updates with health and other things happening to come soon. So, stay tuned for more updates. The next health update I will make will probably be on the new psoriasis injection that I am now on. Let’s hope third time lucky for a constant cure for this horrible disease. But more on that next time.

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