Setting a few things straight …

I wasn’t going to make this post. But I have decided that I feel I need to after a comment was made on public Facebook Page earlier today. And due to the comments that raised a few issues I have to decided to make this post to make a few things perfectly clear … I don’t really give a flying fuck what people think of me these days, but when people start calling you a scammer because of certain posts made … I do believe I need to set the record straight.

  • Firstly, the comment mentioned that I was a scammer as I have a permanent place to live which is fully furnished and I have mentioned multiple times that I am still awaiting a Housing NSW property to call home
    • Yes it is correct I am in a current unit on the Central Coast. However, this is not a permanent place provided by Housing NSW. This is a transitional unit provided by an organization on the Central Coast whilst waiting for my Housing NSW property to become available and fulfilling their requirements to provide me permanent housing
    • Yes it is also correct that my current unit is fully-furnished. However, this furniture does not belong to me and stays with the unit upon my departure. There are several items that will come with me once I move as I have purchased them myself. Such as my computer desk, several household item and several items of bedding and clothing. Everything else remains the property of organization. So at this time I do not have a fridge, a bed base or mattress, a lounge or any other basic furniture
  • Secondly, the person that made this comment was a person who I designed a website for her daughter at a very low cost, and whilst working on a graphic logo for her other daughters business, which was not discounted, she refused to pay for that design. So as a result her website design and hosting was terminated under the business Terms of Service

I am not going to disclose the inter comment as it was deleted by me.

I do not believe I should have to defend myself on this, as if reading back most people know I have been in transitional housing since being released from hospital approx. 17 months ago now and have been in this transitional housing ever since, working on personal issues and health issues to get my life back on track and to be able to transition into a permanent property provided by Housing NSW.

As a result I did ban the person from my Facebook and several other Facebook Pages I run as a result of the abuse. I will not tolerate such behavior and if people would read things properly they would understand exactly what was going on. I have been very open about this inter situation the whole time, as it also helps me to get things off my chest that I am constantly thinking about.

If you have an issue with me, you know my email address and are more then welcome to email me to which I will respond, as long as I am not abused as a result. That will just make me block your email address also.

Now, with all this being said I am not going to say anymore on this matter. As this post shouldn’t have even had to be written. But I decided to make it anyway to get things straight and into the open. End of story.


About The Author

Zac is from the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. Zac runs his own online Web Design & Management business. In his spare time, he likes playing computer games, such as Need for Speed Most Wanted, Flight Simulator X, The Sims 4 and various others. Zac also enjoys spending time walking along the shoreline at the beach. Zac has a lot of health, both physical and mental which he is currently working on after a long history of abuse, hardship and decades being homeless. Zac continues to get by day by day and is moving forward with his life and is no longer letting anyone hold him back.