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I seriously can not believe it. But I should not be surprised, I honestly knew it was only going to be a matter of time. I am not saying anymore on this, even though you would be confused as to WTF I am talking about, the person involved would know. 

Oh seriously, Cardinal George Pell case begins in the highest court of the land today. His appeals have been dismissed in District, Supreme and now he has gone to the High Court of Australia. I hope they have the common sense to reject his appeal bid also, just like all the previous courts before them. He has no grounds for appeal, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Jeez, just stop this crap and allow your victims to move on with their lives instead of them having to constantly keep going through this with each appeal that you lodge. Oh well. this is the end of it. You can not go any higher than the High Court of Australia. Their ruling will be final and there will be no other options. Do your time, get out, and then move on with your short-lived life due to your age and health.

The above topic wasn’t even going to be mentioned today, nor did I even know it was before the High Court today until I just heard it on the morning news.

Thursday and Friday I have to work out which day I am going to change things around a little bit so that I and Ethan can go to the pool since he can now get in for Free since my companion card has come through. Every bit of money-saving adds up after a while. Since he can now bypass admission costs pretty much everywhere.

I am thinking more than likely Friday. We have our cleaning session tomorrow and I can send him to pick up a few basics from Coles today so that Coles doesn’t need doing on Friday, it will just be a chemist trip and then we can go to the pool straight afterwards. So that would fit in easier than extending an already 4-hour shift just to go to the pool tomorrow. But we will work it out later today.

Today I also need to ring The Good Guys, tell them to either deliver my fridge or cancel it and return my $311.80c – It has been weeks now and it should have been delivered by now. So enough is enough. They can either deliver it or refund my damn money. I can afford to lose over $300 for a fridge that is taking forever for them to deliver when they are less than a 15-minute drive away.

So later this morning I will call them and give them the option. Because when I spoke to them before the Erina Store was getting some more stock within a couple of days which was confirmed by the producers of the fridge when they contacted them directly when I was on the phone.

Anyway, I need my second coffee so that is all for now. I will write more again soon.

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