Latest Updates – Day 99

Well, tomorrow (Sunday 4h September 2022) will mark a century in days of being in hospital. This whole new journey of my life began on 27th May 2022, which 3 surgeries, 28th May, 21st May and 6th June, all were classified as major surgery as they all involved an amputation. The 6th of June was the major surgery involving the left leg’s below-knee amputation.

For many weeks now there has been no need for me to actually be in hospital for a “medical” reason as I could have been discharged sometime again but there are constant housing issues. Properties are being mentioned and then taken away, this has happened several times now. A property was 100% guaranteed and then given to someone else.

Due to the constant issues, I have felt I have no choice but to constant the state member for parliament for Housing and Health. I heard from both within a matter of days and they were on the phone with the hospital, assuming to confirm the facts of what I informed them. I should have some more information next week on what is going on. But for now, it’s a waiting game again.

My prosthetic leg is causing a few issues at the moment – after Wednesday’s appt. to the Amputee Clinic at first we couldn’t get the prosthetic on. So made some adjustments to it and then with a little force got it on, but it was hurting a lot so had to take it off. So … then the leg would not detach. They had to unscrew the bottom part and then force it off and didn’t it hurt like hell. We tried it yesterday at the hospital and were able to get it on and off fine – but walking on it caused a few issues and marks on the stump which has never happened before. They were a little worried so we are not using it again until we speak to Joel (who is the guy that deals with my prosthetic leg).

Joel isn’t at the clinic next Wednesday so I won’t be going as they cancelled my appt. and made another one for the week after. I will email him next week (or over the weekend) and fill him in on what happened yesterday in detail and see what he says.

Anyway, I will start posting more soon and for now, as it is nearly 4am this will do for now.

And just on a side note, I am still working on Part 2 of my Amputation Story, and it will be going into Part 3 for sure now. So I will get onto these when I can.

Have a good one for now …

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