Latest Medical Update

Well, here is the latest health update after seeing the Doctor yesterday. Some of the news was surprising and some really wasn’t. So here we go …

So as I am having fits several times a week again, even with being on such a high dose of Epilim to control them, which did work for a very long time, my GP referred me to a new Neurologist at Gosford Hospital (the public health system). She informed me yesterday that she got a response that I was not suitable to see him. However, she was also told, “unofficially” that the real reason is because his books are closed as he has too many patients. Hello … this is the public health system. How the fuck can you close your books at a public hospital.

After I got home I made a public post on the Hospitals main Facebook page. Within an hour I was contacted and it is now under investigation. Yeah like anything will be done, the same hospital investigating and incident at the same hospital. It will be more like they will do whatever to cover their own asses.

My blood work is not the best, which is no surprise. I am used to this never being normal. But it also means I have to now take more medication. And one of the tablets I am now on is one that has 80mg of lavender oil in it. So it means about 30 minutes after taking it I have the taste of lavender in my mouth and if I burp it tastes like lavender. Not a very nice taste, even though it is a nice smell from a candle or oil burner.

Monday morning I have to have MORE damn blood tests done. And also getting and Iron check due to me now having a family related issue due to Iron in the blood or something. I don’t really understand it. But it is a condition that my Mum has and she high suggested I get checked and it did come back that I have the gene for it also. So now need to keep an eye out for another damn health issue.

Straight after the blood test I have to have an ECG done. Due to me getting constant chest pains which come and go a lot lately she now wants an ECG, which can’t be done until Monday (same time as my blood test). So the start to the new week is not going to be a good one.

Still also have to arrange a Stress Test – another thing linked to my heart I believe. I am not looking forward to a constant 30 minute walk on a treadmill whilst my leg is constantly causing me pain … so I will have to make sure I take my medication way before the appt. when it is arranged … but have to also make sure they are aware of what I am on as it does effect my heart rate. So should be interesting.

As it is Friday morning. Today I have shopping, chemist, eye doctor and several other appt.’s – a great way to end the week. So much to do in one day. It is ridiculous, I might try and reschedule a couple til early next week when I have nothing on, like the eye doctor. The chemist and shopping are most important for today.

Oh well … I will update on situations as they continue … I will also try to start posting more. Things have just been a bit hell lately. Sorry for not posting as much, but I will get back to it shortly. Thanks for your understanding.

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