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This post is only directly related to all news health-related. Any other issues will be posted into another post at a later time.

There has been so much happening health-wise over the last few weeks that has left me depressed, anxious, stressed and just not in the mood to deal with anyone or anything. It even nearly lead to me making some very bad decisions, but luckily it didn’t come to that. I do have a good support network of friends and workers within the program, I am in to discuss things with. So, this is what is happening.

  • There are serious issues with my left leg that they are saying they are going to amputate as the infection has spread too far up the leg. I have signed paperwork agreeing to have the amputation surgery. Now it is a matter of waiting for a surgery date to become available.
  • The infection has spread to my right leg also. We are hitting it hard with strong medication. It appears we have caught it in the early stages on the right. Worse case they have to put a PICC line in and have nurses come out home daily to change a bag of antibiotics. Same as when I was released from hospital nearly 30 months ago.
  • A couple of weeks back I was taken off my anti-depressants as they weren’t working and causing some other issues. So I haven’t been taking anything as they had to reduce them than have me off them for a week before they can put me on anything else. That time is now up and I have an appt. with my Doctor on Monday to work out what new one she is going to put me on.
  • My Iluyma (for my psoriasis skin condition) has been changed from 12 weekly to 8 weekly as it was coming back in the later weeks. I had my dose last Friday and the next in 8 weeks from then. Let’s hope this one works. The number of things biological wise is starting to also run low now. So we really need this to work.
  • My opioid medication has still not been decreased any further as there is too much else going on and with the pain as well. But at the same time, we are not increasing it either. She did want to increase it 1 extra a day and I said no.
  • The other night I spent a few hours in hospital after a trip up via ambulance after the pain in my leg was so bad I had a triple dose of medication over a 2 hour period and it did nothing. It worked a bit and pretty much the next day I was up and down from the bed all day. Right now it isn’t too bad.

Anyway, there is also another upcoming bone scan and MRI. I will update on those results when I have them after the tests. Not sure when they will be done due to the COVID pandemic still affecting the world. Enough from me for now on this topic anyway, more at a later time.

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