Ilumya – New Psoriasis Drug

Above is an image of what the new injection for my psoriasis skin disease looks like. It is completely different from the other drug I have been on for the last 12 months. The Stelara I had to literally drawback the liquid into 2 needles and then inject myself. With this new drug, it is all pre-loaded and simply it is a matter of using an alcohol swab and cleaning the skin area on my leg shoving in the needle and injecting the 100mls into my body. And it has a retracting needle as well, which is a great safety feature, I do like those. But you just have to be careful, because if they cause back before you injected your a little bit fucked.  

Again, similar to the other drug this one is expensive also, But the thing with biological drugs for psoriasis they are all expensive unless you can get the government to approve you under the PBS and then it literally only costs you $6.60. Massive different from the thousands upon thousands of dollars it would cost otherwise. 

My Dermatologist contacted me yesterday, whilst I was sitting in about to go into my eye doctor appt. and told me the script had been approved and she was faxing it to the chemist up here after we hung up and also sending them the original yesterday also. So I rang and spoke with Christine and let her know what was happening and asked her to order it for me straight away when she gets the script so I can start taking it.

I noticed on the Chemist Warehouse app on my earlier it has been dispatched. Meaning it will be at the chemist either later today or tomorrow at the latest, depending on if it got onto yesterdays courier run for first thing delivery today. I also have an appt. with my Neurologist today I will see if the new injection is in before coming home from Woy Woy and if it is we can drop in and pick it up prior to coming home and then I can get straight into using it.

As I have also only had another small amount of sleep overnight and it is already 4am I am feeling like crap. I might get whoever takes me over to Woy Woy today to drop in and get some Maccas for breakfast or something, I am not sure yet. Or we can pull into Subway on the way back and I will get that for a late lunch and have it when I get home. Just have to see how I am feeling actually and then take it from there.

Anyway, enough from me for now. More info and updates very soon.

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