Firstly let me say this, this post has several extremely graphic photos attached. If you can not handle anything graphic PLEASE DO NOT VIEW THIS BLOG POST.

These images were taken this morning before an urgent phone call with my Doctor this afternoon. The is the infection from my amputation wound that moved to my left leg and it continues to get worse no matter how strong the drugs they put me on. It was said today whilst I am on holiday it is highly possible I am going to end up in hospital whilst I am here with a PICC line and IV drugs.

Image 1: this is the dressing pad that was removed after being on one wound for less than 36 hours.

Image 2: one camera angle of the worst wound on the left foot/ankle

Image 3: a closer up view of the left foot/ankle

Image 4: a longer view of the left foot/ankle to see the infection spreading up the leg with the red color.

Image 5: right foot amputation site of the small toe. Another wound has formed on the right side and another just below the amputation site. This amputation now occurred approx. 9 months ago and still dealing with an infection inside, you can see there is a fluid build-up due to the angle on the right. It will soon be another needle into the side to drain fluid gunk out. And it hurts like hell even with a local.

Depending on what occurs over the next few days it will be either hospital or speak to my Doctor again over video chat and then possible hospital if no improvement. Hopefully, something changes soon, I have been dealing with this for over 4 years now and enough is bloody enough, I can’t take much more.

Anyway enough for me on this for now … More details when I have them.


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