Blah …

Right now it is nearing 10pm and I haven’t long woken up from a long nap. And as always, when I woke it was because of the pain in my foot. I have had some medication and am waiting for it to kick in. I am drinking a coffee, a smoke and then have a bottle of water to have afterwards. I am drinking a lot of water these days. Which is good for me. 

Right now my BSL is 16.6. So I am going to take 20 units of Novorapid. This should bring it down a little bit. I really should take more, but I have nothing that get my sugar level up if it gets too low right now. I have to look into getting a new stock of jelly beans as my lollie container is empty. And I haven’t topped it up for a couple of weeks now.

This morning when I woke about 6am I had some serious stabbing chest pain. I get it a lot, but it hasn’t been that bad for so long, Going to have to discuss this with the doctor as the pain gets worse each time it happens. 

Tomorrow afternoon I have a doctors appt. to get my blood test results. I got a SMS from the surgery today saying my results are back and need to be discussed and asking me to make an appt. asap. Maybe they should check their system and they would have known I have an appt. tomorrow afternoon with my doctor. 

I took a couple of pics of my psoriasis today, as I have now had my first 2 injections and there has been some improvement in some areas. Not everywhere, but it has been only about 6 weeks since I started taking them. Most people haven’t seen any improvement for at least 8 to 12 weeks. I saw some improvement after the first 2 weeks. 

I will put some pics of the update on a gallery soon. I just have to get it all setup on my site. I have the plugins installed, but haven’t had a chance to set it up as yet. I will do that in the coming days.

Anyway, I feel I am just rambling right now so that will do for now and I will type again soon …

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