Latest Health Update

Well it’s now day 8 that I have been in hospital with no current end in sight. I have also had it confirmed by the surgeon this morning that I will be going back in for more surgery on Monday. Not what I was expecting, but they know what they are doing. They have to get on top of this before it makes things even worse and I end up losing my feet or legs. And that is for sure something I would not be able to handle.

The pain is really getting to me at the moment also and they have me on some heavy pain medication and it is working, well most of the time it isĀ  anyway. They put me onto stronger pain medication last night so it’s no longer just the endone, even though I am still taking that also. It’s making me a bit of a droop at times when I have all of it at the same time. Which is no surprise.

I will keep updated as it continues and as I know more as time goes on. But as it stands at the moment they still have no idea exactly how long I will be in here for at the moment, and that is really annoying me.