Cancer News – Part 1

Well on the 7th October 2016 I went and had an x-ray of my chest which my doctor in Sydney had been trying for about 3 1/2 years to get me to have done. I knew something was wrong and because of my living situation at the time I just didn’t want to know. And of cause I was right, there was something wrong. And it was something serious too.

Not long after having my x-ray done I had a phone call from my GP telling me that she needed to see me at 3pm that afternoon. She wouldn’t tell me anything over the phone, but I knew it was about the results already and so I went home and waited. Then I headed over to see my doctor alone. As this is the way I wanted it. My mother and sister stayed at home (well so I thought).

I can’t recall her exact wordings now, but to put it simply she told me I had Stage 4 cancer. We also knew something was wrong because my recent blood test showed a lot of issues. One of the major concerns was my white blood cell count. I was shocked to say the least. But as I said, it is something I had been putting off for years because I knew something was wrong.

When I came out from seeing the doctor, thinking that my sister was at home, which she wasn’t. She was standing in front of me as I was heading out of the surgery. She knew something serious was wrong just by the look on my face. But we didn’t speak about it. She just asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick up my niece from preschool, listen to some music and just go for a drive. Which I agreed I wanted to do.

The hardest part of all this was when we got home and I had to tell both my mother and sister who had only just come back into my life after 22 years the news. We all went out the back where me and mum could smoke. I slowly began telling bits of what the doctor said. It was hard to talk about. It still hadn’t hit me at that stage, and to this day several months later it still hasn’t fully hit me.

As this is a long story I am going to do it over several posts. This is where I will end this one for now and will continue to write Part 2 later. Stay tuned …

Welcome Back To My Website

Hello, welcome back to my website. It has been offline for sometime due to personal reasons. But it is now back up and running and further features will be added back in over time. Since being offline there has been a lot of things going on and we will get into that over the coming days. But for now my primary focus was just getting the website back up and running so that I can keep you updated and what is happening with me and what adventures I am up to in my final days (yes, you read that correctly – but we will get into that in a day or two in another post).

So for now I just want to welcome you back to the website and hope you enjoy the content the I publish and release through my site. But remember, as always, when I am discussing topics the opinions and thoughts I give are that of me and me alone. No other person is responsible for the opinions I post except me because they are mine and mine alone.